Vallekilde Game Academy @ London


Inden onsdag d 23 skal alle have læst JEsper Juuls :

The Game, the Player, the World: Looking for a Heart of Gameness



EA Mobile – kontaktperson Chris Gibb,  Executive Producer and head of UK studio.

En times præsentation af EA Mobile med spørgsmål


60 Sloane Avenue

4th Floor




University of East London – kontaktperson Stacey Pogoda


University of East London

Dockland Campus – 4-6

University Way, London E16 2RD.


The Cyprus DLR stop drops you off right on the campus. (besked fra Stacey)

Besked fra Stacey:

If you can show up at the university at 2pm I will meet you at the entrance

to the atrium of the East building. I would like to start the session with a

group based discussion to identify a definition of a game based on the Jesper

Juul paper, “The Game, the Player, the World: Looking for a Heart of

Gameness”  available at

This would be followed by a short refreshment break and then a design session

where they work in small teams to create a complete paper-based game of their

own feeding back their designs to the group as a whole. The Juul article is

an academic paper and is a bit dense in places. Perhaps you could have a read

of it an decide if you feel it is something your students would benefit from

reading. If not we can still have the initial discussion.

Your students will also try out some of the game developed by the students from the University.




Somethin´ Else

Kontaktperson: Paul Bennum

Adresse: Somethin´ Else – 20-26 brunswick place – london, n1 6dz


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